Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Priest, Rocks, Sun

This was my assignment given by Thomas Pitilli, Priests, Rocks, Sun. I drew this image while at work. So you can see how fast the problem should be tackled. I pencilled it and inked it at work then colored it on computer when i came back to my room.


james flames said...

i like the "eye" thing going on - i don't know if any meaning within it was intentional, but the sun seeing things with many eyes, and the priest seeing things with only one could easily carry a message.

and i like the checker background thing you've been throwing around recently. with the contrast in colors between that and the subjects, plus the different direction of the lines, adds movement - the priest character truly looks like he's floating over those rocks.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in your idea of a message, I'd like to hear it. It might have just been my frustrations at work and not wanting to be there.
I've been playing with the checker background trying to create my own world and not just having a regular blue sky. ALso to develop pattern and just doing what I feel like. I use to do this a lot when younger and was really influenced by my friend Svenja DeVries in doing this. I forgot it as I became a very bitter person in life but came back to it when realizing I was a really unhappy person. Getting back to the things like I liked as a kid and not trying to impress Art Directors or other people in what they like has opened I guess that 'kid' mentality of what I want to do. Being Gary Panter's student also helped dramatically in this way of working doesn't hurt either.

If you saw the original drawing size you'd laugh. It was about the size of a thumb.

Thanks for the critique. With this project I feel like I'm already knowing you better. Next time you in town let's all grab a beer.

james flames said...

just sent you an email - my reply was too long, hahaha

Anonymous said...

i thought it was great, sorry didn't respond, busy weekend working with your bro....