Monday, August 20, 2007


Me and Tom were doing this three word association art work to get each other out of our drawing 'comfort' zones. So we gave 3 random words to each other to illustrate. Not to rely on trying to create a 'masterpiece' which we both fell into for a short instant. But rather to think of just the spontinaity and building of idea to the drawing. Even if the drawing is a thumbnail to show as is. If you really like the drawing then you can always go back and build on it. But that is not the point to all this.

Also the reason why we gave each other words was not to constantly draw the same things we as artists fall into. If doing this assignment on my own i'd be stuck drawing explosions, heads being shot and clowns taking a shit.

So if you are interested in participating, email me or tom to give you your own three word assignment. We try to pull it off in a week but that's not too important if you have other more important work to finish first. Try not to take too long like a month or a year. Me (Edowyn) and Tom will be the moderaters dishing out the words, send a high resolution disc copy of the assignment to Edowyn Vazkez to keep in file and possible publication one day. If you don't want anyone to see then just don't send a disc. Post your low resolution image to this site though. For contact info on Edowyn or Tom look at and

my address: Edowyn Vazkez
56 Holland Avenue
Elmont, NY 11003

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