Monday, August 27, 2007

Buddah, Tsunami, Golden Gate Bridge

This is the first of my three-word assignments. It's such a fantastic exercise, and i was really able to let go and have some fun. I actually was so excited to get going on it, i started right away....without doing any research first (doh!). oh well, so the bridge in my illo looks more like a red verrazano bridge than the real golden gate bridge. the art director who lives in my head already yelled at me and called me names, so i'm over it now.
i've got another assignment from Edo, and i'll post it soon. everyone else should really get in on this! mad fun!


Edowyn Vazkez said...

That is great, fuck research. Just go apeshit like buddha. I just moved into the dorms so still setting up my room, but will have tom's assignment to me posted soon. Can't wait to see your other, i forget them as soon as i give them so it's a surprise seeing them to me too.

Edowyn Vazkez said...

I love the texture of the piece, it reminds me of paintings done with wax.

thomas pitilli said...

yeah, i agree with Edwin about the research. At least in this exercise, it's not about getting hung up, it's about seeing what comes out. That was my initial problem. With that being said, it totally passes for the Golden Gate anyway. The piece looks great. Really nice color, especially on Buddha and the water. Cool!