Thursday, August 23, 2007


I did this just for fun. its my first time inking with a wacom. tell me what you think.


Rebecca said...

It's sooooo good. You need to submit it and make more.

Rebecca said...

It's really really great.

Jon Sperry said...

needs more marmaduke.

great, funny, a few comments though- i think you're on the right track with the wacom. nice tone choices, but the floor doesn't blend well. If you're doing it in photoshop, it might help to put a good blur on the 'gray layers'. (don't blur the black inks). That way you won't get the circulary things. I think you meant to say 'scared'. I'm a horrible speller, but i think you got that one wrong. The font is okay, but a little 'off' in my opinion. It might be better to write it by hand? the bwokbwokbwok looks a little funky in that font... to me. Another thing that could be mentioned is your perspective. The scale of things are weird - but I say don't change it. It's weird, but it works in some way. Thats the thing with your work sometimes. Your scale of things often seems weird to me, but it probably really works.. i dunno, nevermind.

Other than that stuff, I agree with rebecca.

Did you submit it somewhere?

Doron said...

yeah the perspective is off but i think its fine. i did have to fudge it on some parts. yeah i suk at spelling. easily fixable. and thanks for the tip about the blur. i want to submit it to the new yorker but I am waiting till i have a lot in the can.

Jon Sperry said...

cool, yeah, it seems like a 'new yorker' cartoon

good luck with that

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jon, the words hurt the piece, i don't mind the space but it does overpower the message and characters. Maybe fading out the edges of picture plane not to have such a hard frame around it and cropping out some of the unecessary space. A bit more life drawing will help you as well as research. Once you really get it down you can throw it away and not rely on it so forceful. The therapy bed seems more like lines drawn by a ruler than a therapy bed, the same goes for the book shelf, they look like the were chopped in half.