Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Here is something I ran across in the New York Times
A Congolese student has initiated legal action in Belgium to have the 1931 comic book “Tintin in the Congo” declared racist and removed from bookstores, Reuters reported. “It’s racist, and it is filled with colonial-era propaganda,” said the student, Mbutu Mondondo Bienvenu, who lives in Brussels. He is also seeking symbolic damages of one euro ($1.38) from Moulinsart, a company that owns the rights to Tintin but does not publish the comic. Belgian prosecutors said a judge’s decision on proceeding with Mr. Bienvenu’s motion could take six months. A spokesman for Moulinsart said: “The book dates back to 1931 and has to be seen in the context of the time. We are surprised to see this complaint after so many years.” Some stores in Britain and the United States have moved the book from their children’s shelves to the space for adult graphic novels. This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Georges Remi, the writer and artist who created the popular series under the name HergĂ©.


Alex Banchitta said...

Oh man... people need to complain about something I guess... even if it is almost a hundred years old. I guess I better start taking legal action against Nintendo since I'm half Italian and Super Mario's obsession with pasta and plumbing offends me to no ends.

Jon Sperry said...

people are stupid.