Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Logo Idea

Here's another idea for a logo and color theme. I like the simple and clean look that Ben's been doing so I kind of kept it in that realm. I could also animate that flame if we like it. After we get a few more up we can vote on them (so put something up if you want).


Gabe said...

I really like the lower case logos, but they read as art born rather than art burn. Also they feel a bit too Fischer-Price.

Ben said...

the fisher priceyness is probably due to the primary colors in the palette.

i really like the easel though.

Alex Banchitta said...

It looks pretty cool to me, but I have to agree with Gabe it reads like Art Born.

Jun said...

Hello. Just joined today.

I like the easel, and if I have to choose one of the four, I like the first logo.

Ben's burning brush concept is really cool, too!