Friday, April 27, 2007

Alex Toth

Every few months or so i go through my Alex Toth craze and become amazed at how incredible an artist he really was. And whenever i go through a new search of his work, theres tons of stuff I've never even seen before, which just goes to show the enormous amount of work he was able to produce in his lifetime. This piece i recently came across and was blown away by it. The way he's able to get body language, realistic shadows and action across simply with the use of whatever was lying around(sharpies, pens, brushes,ect.) is something you don't see too often. If you haven't already seen this one before, enjoy! Wow, I guess I'm officially a member of artburn now!


Gabe said...

Toth is probably my #1 favorite comic artist. I need to own more Toth stuff.

Alex Banchitta said...

That's really awesome, thanks for sharing it.