Friday, February 8, 2008

a fancy thing for your website perhaps...


FancyZoom is a lightweight javascript that enlarges images inline. there are some examples at the link.
it took me less than a minute to get it up and running on my site.

i've never been crazy about the behavior of opening images on websites. either it takes you away from the page you were on and forces you to hit the back button, or it opens up an additional window which is plain rude.

i was using the lightbox js on my website, but i was never satisfied about the default functionality. it had a cool feature for viewing sequences of images, but i felt the effect was too severe for one at a time viewing. i'm sure it's possible to alter the lightbox script to suit different needs, but that's outside my code monkey abilities.

anyway i like FancyZoom. it's from Cabel Sasser of Panic software. (if you're using a mac and maintaining a website, i highly recommend you give Coda a try. what little coding i am capable of i taught myself using Coda.) FZ is free to use for non commercial websites. if you make money off your site (i sure as hell don't) it's a one time fee of 39 bones. though i'll gladly fork over the money if things get rolling over at ha.

apparently FancyZoom has issues in IE 6 (because IE 6 is terrible), but for reals... nobody worth knowing uses IE 6 anymore.


Jon Sperry said...

That looks really nice. I might have to use that. I also like how you can right click/view image on it, for a direct link to the image.

I can run this on PC right? I didn't see anything to the contrary, except your mention of 'using a mac'..

Thanks for the info.

Ben DeRosa said...

fo sho. it's just standard javascript. so all you need to do is insert a couple lines of code and upload the script to your site's root directory.

to see all you need is modern browser. firefox, safari, ie7 (i think) camino, etc. it doesn't seem to work 100% on the mac version of opera, but it works well enough that i'm not sweating it.

Jon Sperry said...