Thursday, January 10, 2008


What are everyone's favorite tools for art making? I try new things here and there, but I'm starting to be more consistent in my process lately.

for illustration:
1. paper - usually just printer paper, since I can't afford nice texture stuff yet
2. inks - i like a gnarled up or slightly dried out micron 05 or 08. and any ink pen with a chisel tip - i got a sharpie with a nice edge and this cool chiseled pen by ITOYA called Doubleheader.
3. colors - photoshop usually, sometimes build palettes in illustrator, or pull colors from rich photos.
4. texture - if i need a little more texture, i'll sometimes pull some from old photos or


Ben DeRosa said...

my favorite pencil to draw with is the Caran d'Ache Suprasoft II (black), especially for figure drawing. they sell them at davinci. last year i also got into drawing with china markers. if your paper has some tooth, those can be a lot of fun.

as for inks: i recently got a rotring art pen, which has a flexible nib and an ink cartridge, so no dipping (there's an optional extender that will let you fill it with your own ink). not quite as flexible as a hunt 102, but the trade off is worth it for the finer line work i think. i know a lot of people hate pen nibs, but i always preferred the physical feedback you get from a nib over a brush.

kuler is a cool web based palette generator. though i prefer painter's picker, which is system level plugin for mac os x.

Gabe said...

Drawing: Any pencil I can get my hands on. At this point, I'm just using 99cent store no2 pencils. I also enjoy using a lead holder for my life drawing. and Ditto the china markers.

Inking: I'm doing mostly digital at this point. But i love the flexibility of a brush, I just dont have the skills to make it work the way i want it to work so i use pens (I like Pitt pens). I despise nibs but that Rotring pen that Ben has is pretty sweet, might hafta buy me one of those. I just bought a watercolor brush pen and filled it with ink, it leaks sometimes but it's pretty cool when it works.

Color: Photoshop. No fancy color pickers or techniques.

thomas pitilli said...

Paper: Typing or bristol.
Pencil: I agree with Gabe, whatever I could get my hands on thats cheap.
Brush: #2 Winsor&Newton series 7
Color: Photoshop (I wish I could paint)
For sketching, I've been using a uniball, or ballpoint pen lately. They are very immediate, and they take to washes with ink or color.