Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Finished?

I think I'm done. I may work on the font a bit more. And I'm not sure if I wanna add textures to this or not.


After a discussion with Mr.Sperry Last night, these alterations came about. Better? Worse? The Texture feels a lil tacked on, but I like the warping of the text. I'm a little on the fence about the color on the people.
#2 Did this after trying a bunch of different ways to add more depth to the monsters body. I like the pink. But again I'm a lil on the fence about the dark brown. It seems to work better on the right side of the monster.


Ben DeRosa said...

i think the initial sketch is stronger for two reasons:
your hand drawn type treatment was better than the font you choice here.

and the monster had more definition. here he seems kind of amorphous. that pink backlight really helped him pop as well. the best parts of the monster are the hands. if you carried that idea out in his arms and torso, you'd give him more weight, he'd be less cloud like.

Gabe said...

I agree about the font, the hand drawn type looked better. Then again, the stylistic choices in the piece changed drastically from the sketch. For that reason, I like the font especially the new skewed version.

As for the monster, I've been looking for a way to create some depth in his form. I tried the pink backlight but it looks a bit weird in the "cutout" coloring style. I'll work on it some more and see what i can figure out.

| veronica | said...

I love this movie! It's so painfully painfully bad! Even the MST3K couldn't make it good.

Can I be apart of your ArtBurn? I went to SVA for 2 years with Hil Florido and Roni :)