Monday, May 7, 2007


Initial drawing of TV headed robot concept. I don't have any good designs for his legs. Also, I want him to wear clothing but I haven't come up withi anything too good to show. Comments? Suggestions?

I just drew and colored this after reading the comments. I'm trying really hard not to make him look like Kanti. I gave him a fin and a uniform of sorts. I also rounded his TV head a bit more. I also wanna make his head bigger.


Ben said...

my suggestion is that it shouldn't look exactly like Kanti from FLCL.

Jon Sperry said...

shouldn't? or SHOULD?!!

I like the action in the pose in the bottom one. The 't.v' looks to plain to me.. too 'boxy'. I'd suggest looking at more retro t.v. designs. I could see the 'legs' part more as wheels. Either have it go down to a single point wheel (h.e.l.p.e.r. from Venture Bros.) or down to like a kind of tractor wheel getup (Jonny 5, short circuit). The single wheel design might be best to promote the most action (if thats what you're going for).

Also, if he's a 'cop' maybe think of more of a 'uniform' kind of look. Something that looks more 'police-y' and make sure you've got at least one siren in there.

Ben said...

if you don't want to make him look like kanti, consider changing his proportions. right now they are pretty much kanti's proportions. also don't make him light blue.

tall, skinny, light, blue robot with tv for head = kanti.

maybe his head should float over his shoulders?
fin is very buck rogers and therefore cool.

Jon Sperry said...

the fin is a step in the right direction, but i'm not loving the shape of his head. i was thinking more of a rounded retro 50s t.v.

I like how the uniform looks. it kinda looks like jeans though. it depends on the attitude, but i was thinking a cleaner uniform, like AGENT SMITH or T1000.

its looking good though

Roni said...

i'm digging the fin but maybe bulk up some aspects of him( like popeye's forearms) since he will be punching out dinosaurs and doing crazy stunts. also love the jacket and belt. also needs a gun
i have a rough outline for the first seven pages too so i'll send it to you

Ben said...

pop eye fore arms are another kanti feature.
you might want to check out the flcl model sheets before you go any further.

Jon Sperry said...

that Kanti design is pretty awesome. good luck topping that. i think the humanoid form is the thing thats most making it look like Kanti. If you want to make it different maybe make the torso/head more connected and more boxy..

i dunno, its looking pretty good though.