Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Robot Self Portrait Competition

So we're done with school and need to make sure we continue working. Here is a little art-burn competition to keep those creative juices flowing:

Draw your self-portrait as a robot. Post your portrait as a new post with the label: 'robot portrait'. I know everyone is dealing with graduation, but please post your artwork here by next Tuesday (5/15/07). Everything else is up to you (color, size, style, pose, whatever). Just make it AWESOME!

Good luck!

For the sake of space within out labels, I'm gonna edit Sperry's original posts whenever a new entry is added and delete the entry post. Entries will be placed in the order they are posted and whatever text is in you post will be placed below the image. Like so:

I will be the first to admit that this is super fucking emo. I just started drawing and this is what came out. I just did this real quick, markers then straight to photoshop for some quick color. I tend to get a little carried away with the burn and dodge tool, but all in all, i had fun. Good idea, jon, we should do more of these. If you'll excuse me, i have to go listen to morrissey and have myself a good cry.



I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. But i'll get the hang of it. I just wanted to post something, so that i can participate. This is a cool image of galactus. I hope you like it. I'll post something better later.

Actually, i'm just gonna go ahead and say that i did draw it. hell yeah i drew it, don't even doubt me. Thats the robot version of me. Hm. I just remembered...i actually have already drawn a robotic version of myself...i'll just post it here too. Is that ok?

I feel like i just stole someone's truck and i'm about to crash it.

Here's Ulitron. Its old, its a repeat from my other blog, but its the assignment. Maybe i'll draw something new...later?

Who'd win in a fight? Ulitron Vs. Galactus....(galactus would kick my ass...he's a planet destroyer and all that power cosmic bullshit)


Still can't believe I'm officially out of school.
How are you guys doing?



Ben said...

maybe it would be better if we send you the links, and you put all the entries in one post? and label that post "contests".

if we keep doing it that way, all the contests from now on will be easily grouped together under the contest label, each contained within a single post.

Jon Sperry said...

im not sure i exactly follow, but whatever works best. feel free to edit the post accordingly.

Ulises Farinas said...

Mr. Pitilli's robot is so emo. I dont even know what else to say. Looks good, but so...lovey. Its like he had a girlfriend smiling at him the entire time. Ha. Ok, enough of this.

Jon Sperry said...

Everything looks good so far!
TOM - entirely emo, nice life to it.
GABE - entirely appropriate, rad
ULISES - totally extreme, i love it, of course you already had it done ahead of time, but its a cool drawing none the less.

I finished the pencils for mine last night, it's coming along great. I'm going to try to finish it up and post it tomorrow.

For the rest of y'all, try to have your drawing up by Tuesday and we can set a new exercise after that. Any suggestions?