Thursday, November 8, 2007

Feeling brave?

I feel like there are rumors going around that I go to anime conventions. I'm not really sure what that's all about but in totally unrelated news the Javits Center is having it's first anime con, the NY Anime Fest on Dec. 7-9. There are tables still available (3ft-$100, 6ft-$175) if anyone believes themselves to be brave enough to face some of the most intense fankids (that accounts for both the awesome and VERY un-awesome variety.) And never fear if your work isn't 'manga' or what have you because anime cons draw a big mix people and it's often surprising what ends up selling well. Either way, it's sure to be total mayhem cause it's the first go at this convention which is organized by the same people who did the NY Comic Con.

And uh.... I'll have a table there with Laura W. if you want to stop by.

1 comment:

Jon Sperry said...

I NEW IT! You've always had a bit of an 'anime-aire' about you!