Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lips, SpiderWeb,Dress

Okay, so my last entry of this project was pretty embarrassing, but I have no shame showing it off. With Graduate school I think I was being overwhelmed with all the little comfortabilities of starting school again. Here is something I like more which I did during my Critical Writing class which is helping me even more to open doors in my head. This may be my last digital coloring job as I feel it's getting a bit stale for me. Slowly more and more I'm stripping away the computer and approaching work with more of a hands on perspective. I still think computers are great but for me to comfront what I want to do I have to get back to the ways of past masters.


thomas pitilli said...

I don't know, i still like the first one better. I don't think it's embarrassing at all.

james flames said...

i agree - i don't think the first one was embarassing or inferior.

but i do understand how our internal regulator works - and only you can understand why something isn't working. that happens to me all the time. i'm working on something and somebody says "that's awesome" and i say "no, actually it sucks donkey balls". in reality, it probably doesn't suck so bad, but it's not what i wanted, so then i guess it does suck. but then again, a month later, i might look at it and say "shit, that's awesome"

anyway, they're both real good. i dig the analog approach, as opposed to digital. personally i think it's way more fun that way. but for speed, especially with tight deadlines, nothing beats the machine.

by the way, i didn't know you were going to graduate school. where at? studying what, in particular?

Edowyn Vazkez said...

thanks for the support. Yes, the machine is faster on those deadlines and am very happy for them. I just want to go at creating pictures with more hands on and then get back into computers later on. BUT I am taking a computer class that is mandatory in Graduate school so may walk out with some hints and helps on creating work on computer and take away the stale feelings i'm experiencing. I'm going to School of Visual Arts Illustration Graduate program. So far it's fun and a lot of work. It's illustration but i'm allowed to do comics which is what i'm trying to concentrate more on.