Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Adobe Illustrator doesn't suck

At first I hated Illustrator, 'drawing with math? that doesn't make sense'. Then once I figured a few things out, I was okay with it. I realized it was good with typesetting and fast with simple shapes. But now, I love it!!! I've been reading a bunch of tutorials and unlocking the secrets to making awesome crap easily.

Check out these places if you want to improve your Illustrator skillz:

BITTBOX - Not sure how popular this one is, but I found the tutorials very easy to understand and follow.

NDESIGN - A lot of good tips here. Not the most in-depth tutorials, but it got me to use some methods I hadn't before.

ILLCRAFT - Gabe showed me this one, so I owe him a candy bar. Drawing comics in Illustrator?!! It CAN be done! The tip about the pencil tool settings (at the bottom of the page) is one of the greatest Illustrator tips I've ever seen. Now I can draw naturally in Illustrator. I'm going to attempt to ink the next page I do with it - I've already done some 'sketching' and it works great!

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