Friday, June 8, 2007

new contest.

But not really a contest, does anyone win anything? I dont think so. Is there even a winner? I dont think so. But this is a new "art challenge" then. Haha. So let me begin to say what it is.

A drawing. Any medium of course. of a fictional creature. This creature mustn't have eyes, nor a functional jaw. The way it "sees" the world has to be in a completely innovative yet sensical way. The way it eats must be the same. Although none of us are biologists, i'd like the biology of this creature to be a main focus.

Functional would be the key word. Although it can resemble a living creature of earth, i'd prefer if it was almost completely foreign.

This challenge was inspired by Wayne Douglas Barlowe. He is one of my favorite artists. There was a program on the discovery channel called "alien planet", and he was the main guy...came up with the aliens and how they "worked". Very thorough. Here are some images to get you inspired too!

Ok, i hope people have fun with this. Even though i put a whole bunch of rules in it i think. Oh well. Rules can be fun too! Alrighty. Oh, and it doesnt have to be all super professional clean and painterly. Can be even technical sketches. As long as the ideas are conveyed and complete. Okay. FUN.

bye bye.

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Jon Sperry said...

yeah! new contest!!! woohooo!

i actually have a good idea for this one, but i'm lacking my art supplies still. hopefully i'll get them soon and knock something out.